Edward Wallace offers accounting, bookkeeping, and tax preparation services to small-
and medium-size businesses. He provides his clients with complete support, including bank
reconciliations, payroll tax, sales tax, and a trial balance. He'll work closely with you to
manage every aspect of your accounting needs.

Mr. Wallace's services include:

  • Tax Planning and Return Preparation Services
  • Business consulting
  • Corporate finance and recovery
  • Forensic and investigative services
  • Auditing
  • Payroll assistance

Visit the "Services" page on this site for more information.

Edward Wallace's professionalism and expertise will help save you time — and money.

He will work with you to develop the best bookkeeping strategy for your company,   no
matter how large or small.  He's here to answer your questions anytime.
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Edward Wallace, Certified Public Accountant